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Do you remember advanced Atlantis - an island continent, ruled by magicians, and destroyed by nature some 25,000 years ago? Could you be one of the Atlanteans?

The Author,
Dorothy Cora Moore,
can be reached at





Would you be interested in illustrating one or more chapters of The Atlanteans?

This would be a young artist’s opportunity to add to their portfolio, not only their artwork - as seen in a future, fully illustrated, edition of The Atlanteans - but also the title of “Illustrator” on his or her resume. This opportunity is being created for students who are United States citizens and attend high schools, art schools, colleges and/or universities.

No further compensation will be offered to the student(s) by the author, or the publisher, other then a credit line. The artwork used within The Atlanteans will become the sole property of the author. All artwork is to be scanned and submitted over the Internet. All originals remain with the student. No submissions will be returned.

One illustration will be chosen for each of 35 chapters in the novel, and will appear in a future “fully illustrated” edition of the book. More than one artist will be considered. If chosen, your artwork would most likely appear on one full page, at the beginning of a chapter. If more than one piece of art is used per chapter, it may appear somewhere within the chapter, as follows:


(Artist’s signature, school, city and state)

Click here for submission entry form (.PDF document)

At the present time, the publisher can only publish in black and white, although the artwork should be created in full color, and then copied into a black and white format by the publisher. All submissions should be submitted via the Internet, only.

If, in the future, a colored version of the artwork can be used, it will be used in a cymk colorization. So please submit/scan 5x8-inch color drawings, with a bright spring palette. When artwork is submitted in full color, it will actually give many variations of gray, rather than just black and white when converted into the required format.

The publisher’s graphic policy is that the artwork must be submitted in 300 dpi images, in tiff file format, 5x8-inch, which will give the drawing a ½-inch border during the printing process. Please use this format. You can draw either an upright drawing on a page, or a sideways drawing, at your discretion. The book’s actual size will be 6”x9” in both hardback and paperback.

A copy of The Atlanteans will be available through your local library (please make a request for the book, if not yet ordered by the librarian in charge). Or the book can be purchased at a local bookstore, or via this website.

Each illustration should create a visual reference for the reader, of an important scene contained within each of the following chapters. Parenthetical suggestions are just that, suggestions. The artist’s ideas and discretion will be considered. Think about what you would want to “see” illustrated in the story:


Chapter 1 - MIAMI - (Teddy, Terese, Ryan and Leah at the yacht with crew)
Chapter 2 - THE OBELISK - (Polaris w/Teddy and Ryan within obelisk-Sirius)
Chapter 3 - THEOS AND TARAH - (Garden scene - swans in pond)
Chapter 4 - LEAH - (Leah waking Theos, dropping turtle in Theos’ hand)
Chapter 5 - TEMPLE SCHOOL - (Great Plaza, with its 3 buildings and obelisk)
Chapter 6 - THE INVITATION - (Polaris and Theos in Polaris’ study)
Chapter 7 - THE ROOM OF MIRRORS - (Merak and Elias, Teddy and Ryan)
Chapter 8 - THE ANNIVERSARY - (Tarah walking with Elias in Sun Room)
Chapter 9 - THE SEPARATION - (Classroom scene – Elias glaring at Theos)
Chapter 10 - THE COUNCIL OF 45 - (Council Chamber Meeting)
Chapter 11 - DESOLATION - (Scene at grandfathers deathbed)
Chapter 12 - THE FUNERAL - (Altar Ceremony)
Chapter 13 - TIPHANE - (Aryan looking at Tiphane, with Tarah and Theos)
Chapter 14 - THE CONFRONTATION - (Polaris and Sirius confronting Merak)
Chapter 15 - THE ANCIENT ONE - (Ancient One saying goodbye in Cathedral)
Chapter 16 - THE EXODUS - (Merak being struck down by lightning)
Chapter 17 - THE HOMECOMING - (Yacht returning, Miami Harbor, Terese/Leah)
Chapter 18 - CHICAGO - (Whippoorwill greeting, house, children, Swensens)
Chapter 19 - THE PERSUASION - (Teddy & Ryan in Teddy’s library at the house)
Chapter 20 - THE INVESTIGATION - (Teddy and Ryan talking on the train)
Chapter 21 - MR. CHANG - (Restaurant scene, greeting Mr. Chang)
Chapter 22 - THE REUNION - (Four Seasons Hotel – Anne meeting Ryan)
Chapter 23 - ANNE - (Anne and Ryan, Lake Michigan, presenting golden triangle)
Chapter 24 - THE CHASE - (Teddy and Ryan spotting Merak, Michigan Avenue)
Chapter 25 - THE BREAK-IN - (Confrontation in front of the house, Chief, et al.)
Chapter 26 - THE SURVEILLANCE - (Library scene, Teddy, Katie and Leah)
Chapter 27 - THE SEIZURE - (Andrews and Jones forcing their way in, Terese)
Chapter 28 - THE DISCOVERY - (Teddy, Ryan, Michael & Matthew on horses)
Chapter 29 - THE IMPLICATION - (Teddy, with Ryan injecting Jones)
Chapter 30 - GENEVA - (Teddy and Ryan in limo, seeing Martel’s Estate)
Chapter 31 - THE DISCLOSURE - (Everyone in Dining Room, pendant)
Chapter 32 - THE MAILING - (Teddy, Ryan, Pat, at studio with John, etc.)
Chapter 33 - THE EXPOSURE - (Scene in Game Room, watching telecast)
Chapter 34 - THE FINAL RESOLUTION - (Confrontation w/Martel, bunker)
Chapter 35 - A NEW BEGINNING - (Teddy and Terese, pillow talk)

Click here for submission entry form (.PDF document)

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