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The Atlanteans ProophesyThe Mystery Schools in China and Greece, and the Temple Schools in Egypt, have in common a teaching called the “Ageless Wisdom” or “Ancient Wisdom,” wherein there lies a record of a revered and mystical empire called Atlantis - an island continent, ruled by magicians, and destroyed by nature, some 25,000 years ago at the commencement of the age of Aquarius.

It is further told that a large mass of land, equal in size to old Atlantis, would be set aside and preserved for her people - protected and waiting - until their return. Then, when the call went out by the watchers of the race, they would come together again from all over the world. Some believe that place to be America.

The legend goes on to say that the Atlanteans, having lost an earlier opportunity, have waited in time until an entire cycle of ages passed, an entire round, before they could come together once more to fulfill their destiny - a destiny of bringing in a new and prosperous age, reestablishing peace, harmony, and tranquility to a troubled planet and, once again, restoring the Kingdom of God on Earth.


Do you remember advanced Atlantis - an island continent, ruled by magicians and destroyed by nature some 25,000 years ago? Could you be one of the Atlanteans? This is the story of two best friends from Harvard, a lawyer and a doctor, who go on the adventure of a lifetime. The Atlanteans opens in America, spirals back to an advanced Atlantis at its demise, and then returns to America where events and characters from these two civilizations come together. ForeWord Magazine Clarion Review"Atlantis has been the stuff of legend for decades. Imagine, an entire continent, an entire civilization that sunk into the sea in a cataclysmic disaster thousands of years ago. Historically unverifiable, this mythical land raises fascinating implications in today's uncertain climate, both socially and globally.

The Atlanteans is a spellbinding novel that deals intriguingly with just these questions. "Author Dorothy Cora Moore has created a suspenseful, fun-filled and interesting story in The Atlanteans. Aficionados of legends will find the blend of humor, suspense and mythology to their liking. "The Atlanteans's strong plot, interesting and sympathetic characters, and a storyline rich with the arcane legends of a lost civilization, are guaranteed to keep the reader's interest well afloat." Visit to read the entire 5-Star ForeWord Magazine Clarion Review.

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